What is AWW?

(Awe) noun. A feeling of reverential respect mixed with fear and wonder


AWW Travel is a community of enthusiastic nature explorers committed to providing a unique and sustainable way of visiting and enjoying our natural wonders, and to preserving the beauty for future generations. 

Based in Sydney, New South Wales our small and bespoke AWW.SOME Tours invites fellow adventurers to escape the chaos of modern living and to relax and enjoy the unique and natural environments around them. We offer visitors the chance to explore our beautiful National Parks and some of Sydney’s iconic destinations.

Our Mission

Our mission is to reconnect travellers to the earth, to mother nature. Our world is complicated and chaotic with competing demands. Our goal is to silence all the noise and amplify one above all else – the natural sounds of the wilderness.

Our Values

The Environment.

We care about the world we live in and we believe in only taking photos and leaving footprints behind. 

Making Friends.

Where ever our adventures take us, and whom ever we go exploring with its essential to make life long friends. 

Creating Memories.

We believe that our unique perspectives and memories connect us to the wilderness and the earth we all share. 

Be aww inspiring

"The scenery was absolutely stunning. I remember gazing in a state of awe over the landscape."